Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woodward Old School Reunion #2

Old School Reunion attendees from Steve Swope's http://kickstandbmx.blogspot.com/

"Crazy (partial) list of old school super heros again this year, updates in

Michael Dominguez
Eddie Fiola
Bryan Blyther
Scot Breithaupt
Dave Nourie
Ron Wilkerson
Mat Hoffman
Dennis Mccoy
Joe Johnson
Pete Augustin
Oscar Gonzalez
Hugo Gonzalez
Robert Castillo
Woody Itson
Donovan Ritter
Marc McGlynn
Steve McCloud
Kevin Martin
Stephan Prantl
Rich Sigur
Todd Lyons
Lee Reynolds
Tony Murray
George Smoot
Gale Webb
Joel Alamo
Chris Moller
Robbie Miranda
Keith Mulligan
Alan Foster
Andy Shohara
Jay Eggleston
Ben Ward
Xavier Mendez
Mark Gray
Sean McKinney
Steve Blackely
Wade Nelson
Albert Ocampo
Jared Souney
DJ Greyboy
Mike Krnaich
Danny Schow
Keith Mulligan
Ron McCoy
Warren Marchese
Marty Schlisinger
Dino DeLuca
Eddie Roman
Brad Blanchard
Christian Van Hanja"

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

chrome / mags

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weight loss

My new white Kink bike weighs 20.05lbs. And that's with seven inches of visible seatpost and a comfy seat.
It does not have pegs, a front brake, or a detangler, though.
Still, lighter than my PK Ripper race bike was in 1984.

Monday, December 14, 2009

White Out

Must add one more frame to the list.
Zack at Kink just sent me another Farside frame, this one in white. I appreciate his continued support over the years (like, 15). And as I have been kicked out of BMX several times this year, I especially appreciate that he has stuck with me. Thanks, guy.
The P.K. Ripper is getting retired, and I will be rocking two 20" top-tubed Kink Farsides for 2010: a chrome one and a white one. One will have my new cassette Tuff Wheels, the other my Profile super-ti wheels. Haven't figured out which will get which.
BMX highlights of the year? The secret project that I'm not allowed to discuss, the Old School reunion at Woodward West, a 40 minute conversation with Bob Haro, two trips to the hospital for stitches, finally getting graphite Tuff Wheels with a cassette hub from Ron Wilkerson, riding once with Harley in a year of co-habitation.
As I got my first bicycle motocross in 1980, 2010 makes 30 years.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Frame list

Here is a list of the frames I’ve had since 1980ish:
Raleigh Tracker
Raleigh Supercross – (1982) black
PK Ripper - silver
Hutch Pro Racer – black chrome
Haro Master 1985 – neon green
GT Mach One - chrome
(Scott’s) Norco Freestyle – white
Diamond Back Mike D. Strike Zone - blue
2 GT Pro Performers – Black
Torker II – black – from Local Motion
(1990) GT Pro Performer – Neon Yellow
GT Pro Performer – Chrome – from Albes
Skyway TA - stripped
Mongoose – mint green
Mongoose Decade – dark blue
Mongoose Decade Pro – black / chrome
(1992) Homeless Soul Bro – chrome – then green – then burgundy
(1994) 2 USA –Made Hoffman Condors – Chrome – one later green chrome
(1996) PK Ripper 1996 – red – black (still have)
Hutch Trick Star – white
Basic Sluggo – custom with V-brakes - metallic green – black
(1998) Dyno – chrome
Powerlite FS – green – later baby blue
(2000) 3 custom Solids – magenta (baby blue / Hammerite mint), laser black, black (lavender with sparkles / metallic green-to-purple flip flop
Volume Mid – black
DK Six Pack – blue
MacNeil Heaton – midnight blue
Haro F4
(2006) MacNeil Heaton II – yellow – then painted lavender
MacNeil Whitton II (20”) – baby blue
(**Got my black 1996 PK Ripper back)
(2008) MacNeil Whitton II (20”) – two-tone black
Skyway TA
Kink Farside chrome

That’s 37 frames that I can remember. 7 from GT companies. 4 MacNeils, 3 Solids, 3 Mongooses, 2 Hutchs, 2 Haros, 2 PK Rippers, 2 Hoffmans, 2 Skyways.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I just received graphite Tuff Wheels with a 9 tooth cassette hub. Cool.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blew it

It's the 10th, and I've already gone riding three times since my pledge to take May off four days ago. Bleeding from the shin.